FBI Omni 2000 / 1219 Trouble

Zone and Status lights will show possible troubles, clear with # key
To silence trouble beeps press 9 then press 0 to bypass trouble until corrected
Zone Light ON
Flashing Slow
Flashing Fast
= Zone closed, no trouble
= Zone open, no trouble unless its a Fire zone
= Zone bypassed, no trouble
= Zone is in alarm or showing alarm memory
(Zone Light 1 will also come on if system is armed in Instant mode)
AC Light ON
= AC Power okay
= AC Power failure
Battery Light ON
= Battery okay
= Battery low and needs replaced
Fire Light ON
= Fire Zone okay
= Fire Zone trouble
Arm Light ON
Slow Flash
Fast Flash
Flash for 20 secs
= System Armed
= System Disarmed
= System could not communicate to Montioring Station
= System is in Alarm (disarm then press #)
= Self Test Complete
Sounds 7 to 10 beeps mean system has communicated with us.