FBI Omni 2000 / 1219 Basics

Zones 5 Hardwired
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
AC Transformer 12 volts, screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Wireless No
Downloadable No, can only be programmed with FBII 110 Programmer
Panic Buttons * and # = Police Panic
Arm Away Enter 5-digit User Code (All Zone lights must be ON to arm)
(ARM light will turn ON and all Zone lights will turn OFF)
Arm Stay 5-digit User Code + * key (Zone 1 light will turn On)
(All exterior zones will arm instant, interior zones will not arm)
Disarm 5-digit User Code (Red Arm light will turn OFF)
Reset Press #
Reset Smoke Press # (may need to press Fire Switch on main panel)
Bypass 9 + Zone (1 to 6), green zone light will slowly flash
Remove Bypass Arm then disarm system or press 9 + Zone (1 to 6)