Verint Edge Trouble

Verifying the Hard Drives The drives in the Nextiva EdgeVR are not detected or are making odd noises
The Logging offline disk or RAID failed error message pops up after logging into Vid-Center
If the Nextiva EdgeVR has removable drives, try powering off the device, taking the drives out of
the bay, then resetting them. If it does not solve the problem, call technical support.
In a RAID system, it is normal to get the RAID Active Resyncing message in the logs. This
message is logged when the two hard disks are being synchronized (for instance, after the Nextiva
EdgeVR was turned off then on). During that process, which could last many hours, there is a
flashing activity light in front of the hard disks
Local Serial Connection If you cannot reach the recorder from your computer through a serial connection, verify the

The serial cable must be plugged in the RS-232 serial port on the Nextiva EdgeVR labelled

The serial cable must be either the one provided with your purchase or a Null Modem cable.
If you are using a USB-to-serial adaptor on the computer and are experiencing connection
problems, call technical support.

Network Connection If you cannot reach the recorder from your computer using a network connection:

Verify that the RJ-45 network cable is plugged into the Network 1 connector on the Nextiva
EdgeVR and that there is a solid link light and flashing activity over the port. If there is no
light or flashing activity, disconnect then reconnect the network cable to reset it; if still no
connection, use another network cable.

Verify that the network cable used is paired according to Ethernet standards.
Verify that the IP address programmed into the DVR is correct. To do this, you can use the
on-screen display and an analog or hand-held monitor. You can also connect the Nextiva
EdgeVR to the computer with a serial cable and use Vid-Center.

Make sure that the recorder was rebooted if its IP address or subnet mask were changed.
If network problems persist:
1. Establish a direct Ethernet connection between the DVR and the computer: Unplug the
network cable from the customer’s network, then plug a crossover cable between the
computer and the Network 1 connector on the Nextiva EdgeVR. After the connection is
established, the green link light of the NETWORK 1 connector must be lit.
2. Change the IP settings of the computer: Use the same subnet as the Nextiva EdgeVR and
an IP address that is incremented by 1 compared to the address used in the recorder.
3. In Vid-Center, create a connection to the recorder, then enter the IP address of the DVR.
A successful connection indicates that the Nextiva EdgeVR can be accessed through an
Ethernet network; the source of the problem is likely in the IT network itself. If the connection
failed, contact technical support.
4. Put back the original IP address of the computer.
5. Reconnect the Nextiva EdgeVR to the customer’s network.

Verfiying Monitor To assign cameras to an analog monitor, you need to use Vid-Center.
Monitor 1 supports quad camera view, which is not enabled by default. It also supports the onscreen
display interface that is accessed by pressing the Select button on the Nextiva EdgeVR
front panel.
Monitor 2 only supports single camera view and must be enabled in Vid-Center. It also supports
the on-screen display interface that is accessed by pressing the Select button on the Nextiva
EdgeVR front panel.

Verfiying Connection to Nextiva EdgeVR A connection problem occurs when you cannot access a recorder with your computer using
Vid-Center. The connection between the computer and the recorder can be:

Local with a serial cable

Through an Ethernet network
In all cases, verify that the recorder has booted up before proceeding; the Power and Video LEDs
on the front