Verint Edge Basics

Default Unit Power up unit and press 911911 to Default. This will not Default I.P. Address
Play back Video Press MENU button and Select LOCAL PLAYBACK then ENTER.
Select DATE/TIME in Start box
Select DISPLAY TRANSACTIONS to view data

Help Button ON front control panel,press MENU and select HELP. Then select options that you want

Exporting Video Insert USB or blank DVD recordable disc
Press MENU
Select EdgeVR SETUP and press ENTER to display setup box
Select start date/time
Select CD/DVD DRIVE or USB Device and Select WARP VIDEO
Select Cameras from list and Click OK.

Default Admin Login lower case (admin + admin)

Default User Login lower case (user + user)

Programming Changes After making program changes the DVR will beep three times when it is ready
This can take up to 5 minutes

Locking DVR Front Panel Press Menu
Select EdgeVR Setup and press Enter to display the EdgeVR Setup dialog box
Press the right arrow key on the front panel to go page three
Select Lock Front Panel to display the Lock Front Panel dialog box
Select Lock Front Panel and click OK. The Locked status LED is not lit