DTI Sears 660 Basics

System programs with a Napco 410 Chip Programmer
Zones 8 + 1 fire zone
Resistors 4.7k
Fuses 3 Amp
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
Wireless No
Downloadable No
Panic Button Press Panic keys for Police, Fire and Medical
Arm 4-digit code (Must have READY light)
Disarm 4 digit code
Quick-Arm (If Enabled) Press 0
Instant Arm Not available with this system
Silence Alarm 4-digit code
Bypass Press button by zone light to bypass
Alarm Memory Press Program key for 3 seconds, last zone set into alarm will blink
Reset Smoke Press external switch on main control panel
Door Chimes Not available with this system