DTI Sears 550 Basics

System programs with a Napco 410 Chip Programmer or DTI DPP-8000 Prom Programmer
Zones 4
Wireless No
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
Downloadable No
Panic Button Press * keys at same time, may be either Police or Medical Panic
Arm Enter 4-digit code (Must have READY light On)
Disarm 4 digit User Code
(If wrong Code entered keypad beeps 6 times, wait 5 seconds and try again)
Silence Alarm 4-digit User Code
Reset Alarm Enter 4-digit code or try arming then disarming system
Bypass Press button by zone light to bypass
Alarm Memory Press PROGRAM for 3 seconds, last zone set into alarm will blink
Reset Smoke Press “Fire Test/Reset” switch inside of main control panel
(If this does not work power down system and set for service)
Door Chimes Not available with this system
Instant Arm Not available with this system