DSC WLS900 Trouble

If any trouble exists display will show “System Ready Trouble Present”

View Trouble
1. Enter 4-Digit User Code (“Arm System in Away Mode Y/N?”)
2. Press ↓ key for No (“View System Trouble Y/N?”)
3. Press ↑ key for Yes (“Arm with Entry Delay Y/N?”)
4. Press ↑ to scroll troubles or ↓ to exit

“No Response From Controller”   (Keypad can’t communicate with Main Panel)
“Controller Batt” (Low Battery in Main Panel)
“Sensor Low Batt” (Wireless Sensor Low Battery, press ↑ to view)
“Sensor Fault” (Wireless Sensor may be bad, press ↑ to view)
“Tamper Fault” (Cover off of Sensor or Module, press ↑ to view)
“Controller AC” (AC Failure in Main Panel”)
“Sounder 1 AC Flt” (AC Failure in Siren Module 1)
“Sounder 2 AC Flt” (AC Failure in Siren Module 2)
“Telephone Line” (Telephone Cut or not working)
“Fail to Com” (System cannot send signal to us)
“Loss of Clock” (Clock needs set, see below)

Set Clock
1. Enter Master Code
2. Press ↓ to scroll to “Reset Clock Y/N”
3. Press ↑ and enter Month/Day/Year (July 2 2000 would be 070200)
4. Enter Time in Hours/Minutes (1:30PM would be 1300)
5. Display again shows “Reset Clock Y/N”
6. Press ↓ or # to exit