Bosch Radionics D8112 Basics

Zones 8 to 128, hardwired, some wireless
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
AC Transformer 16.5 volts, screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Wireless No
Downloadable Yes (Customer does not have to be avaible)
Remote Arm Yes
Remote Disarm No
Panic COMMAND + 9 (This may be silent on some systems)
Special Alert COMMAND + 7 to send a specific alarm (Optional)
Arm Away Enter Code or COMMAND + 1 (All zone lights must be Off to arm)
Arm Home COMMAND + 3 (Perimeter Light will turn on)
Stay Arm COMMAND + 3 (Motions are bypassed, doors/windows will still be delayed)
Instant Arm COMMAND + 2 (Perimeter & Instant lights will turn on, motions will not Arm)
Partial Arm COMMAND + 8 (Arms all but open zones and bypasses motions)
Disarm Enter Code (Perimeter, Interior and Instant lights will turn off)
Reset Alarm Press COMMAND + 4 to stop keypad flashing and reset system
Reset Smoke COMMAND + 4 + 7
(If this does not work power down system and set for service)
Bypass 1. Arm system with User Code or COMMAND + 1
2. Before Exit Delay expires press COMMAND
3. Press zone to be bypassed (1, 2, 3 etc)
(Bypassed zones may turn on if closed) (Bypassing can be enabled or disabled per system. May require service)
Force Bypass (Bypassing an already open zone)
1. Arm system with either User Code or COMMAND + 1, 2 or 3)
2. Keypad begins beeping, press last digit of User Code for 5 to 10 seconds
(Bypassed zones may turn on if closed) (Bypassing can be enabled or disabled per system. May require service)
Door Chimes COMMAND + 6 to turn On or Off
Alarm Memory Zone Light will flash rapidly
Phone Test COMMAND + 4 + 1 (If Phone test is good system will sound 2 second tone)
System Test Press COMMAND + 4 + 4, press any key to end test
System Status Press COMMAND + 4 + 2, this will send a report showing the current status of alarm
Download Ans Press COMMAND + 4 + 3 while the phone is ringing.
This will cause the alarm panel to answer for download. (Code may be required)