Bosch Radionics D8112 Trouble

If system has a trouble it will sound a steady tone, press Command + 4 to try to reset
AC Light On = Normal, Flashing = AC Power Failure
Trouble Zn D Generic Keypad address or keypad wiring trouble
Reset Alarm Disarm system, press COMMAND 4 to stop keypad flashing and reset system
Troubles (LCD Keypads only)

Message Cause
Diagnostic Prgrmr Comm Err Bad connection to programmer (for installers)
Diagnostic Device Comm Err Noisy Environment or excessive wire length
Diagnostic Report Failed Communication Failure
Diagnostic Telco Service Phone Cord Unplugged or Phone service down
Diagnostic Aux Power Short on Aux devices or wiring
Diagnostic AC Power Failure AC Power Failure
Diagnostic Low Battery Low Battery (Duh)
Diagnostic Keypad Wiring Faulty keypad wiring
Diagnostic Hardware Fail Internal Main Board failure
Diagnostic Missing Ser Device Wiring problem
Diagnostic Device Prog Err Serial device does not match program
Diagnostic Int Software Internal Memory Failure
Diagnostic Checksum Fail EEPROM Failure (Internal Panel)
Diagnostic Rom Fail Internal Panel failure
Diagnostic System Normal Nothing wrong, no fault found