Bosch Radionics D8112 Codes

User Codes can be 3 or 5 digits in length, if old code is 5 digits new code must be 5 digits
The 1st digit of New User Code must be the same as the Old User Code
Do not make last digit 0 if using duress code
Duress Code One number above any User Code

Change Code (Customer may change an existing code but cannot add a new one)
(Adding a new code will require download or tech on site)
1. Ensure panel is disarmed
2. Press COMMAND + 5 + 5 (The COMMAND light will turn on) (May require code)
3. Enter the old passcode (The one needing to be changed)
4. Enter the new passocde
5. Enter the passcode again
6. Attempt to test the new code (Do not use quick arming functions)