Bosch Radionics D2212 Basics

Zones/Points 8 Hardwired, up to 24 total with Hardwired expanders and RF Receiver
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
AC Transformer 16.5 volts, screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Wireless Yes but rare
Downloadable Yes – Customer must be home and must know user code.
(Do not put in a download action for accessing unknown user codes)
Panic Police (A key), Fire (B key) and Medical (C key)
Note: Must press each one twice to set off
Arm Away Press 9 Key ALL & ON & Zone Lights turn ON (Arms all Zones)
Arm Stay Press 0 Key PART & ON Lights turn ON (Arms all but Motions)
Instant Arm Press 9 (ALL) or 0 (PART) key twice (No Delay Light turns ON)
Disarm Enter User Code, If wrong code is entered press CLEAR and start again
Flashing OK Alarm Memory, Arm then Disarm or press 3 + User Code to reset and clear
Alarm Memory Press 4 then hold 6 key, last alarm should show, press CLEAR to exit
Reset Alarm 3 + User Code
Reset Smoke 3 + User Code (If this does not work power down system and set for service)
Silence Trouble Press CLEAR Key once
Bypass 1. Arm system 9 (ALL) or 0 (PART), ON light and all Zone Lights will turn on
2. Press Zone to bypass (1 to 8), bypassed zone turns off and finish arming
Enable Chime
1. Press 7 (WATCH TONE) (Keypad gives 1 beep)
2. Enter Owners Passcode (Keypad gives 1 beep)
3. Press 1 to 4 for Chime Option (see below) (Selected option 1 to 4 turns ON)
1 = Zone lights but no sound (Chime Disabled)
2 = Zone lights, keypad sounds short beep (This one works best)
3 = Zone lights, keypad sounds until CLEAR pressed (don’t do this one)
4 = Zone lights, keypad sounds until Zone closed or CLEAR pressed
4. Press CLEAR to exit
Choose Zones
to Chime
1. Press 8 (WATCH POINTS) (Keypad beeps)
2. Enter Owners Passcode (Master) (Keypad beeps)
3. Press Zones to chime (1 to 8) (Zone Light ON = Chime)
4. Press CLEAR to exit
Battery Test 1 + User Code
(System will test battery for 4 minutes, if trouble keypad will sound tone)