Bosch Radionics D2112 Trouble

If system has a problem a Trouble tone will sound and OK Light will blink
View Trouble Press 4 Key and a zone light will appear
Zone Light 1 = Fire Trouble, (Hold 1 key to silence)
Zone Light 2 = Zone Trouble (Hold 2 key to silence)
Zone Light 3 = AC Power Failure
Zone Light 4 = Fail to Communicate
Zone Light 5 = Low Battery
Zone Light 6 = Alarm Memory (Hold 6 key to view last alarm)
Flashing OK Alarm Memory, Arm then Disarm or press 3 + User Code to clear
Alarm Memory Press 4 then hold 6 key, last alarm should show, press CLEAR to exit
Reset Alarm Press 3 Key + User code, reset takes 20 seconds
(If this does not work power down system and set for service)
Silence Trouble Press CLEAR Key once