Bosch Radionics 7412Gv4 Program


On the 9712GV4, you MUST assign point indexes to onboard zones 1-8, even if the point indexes are not being used. If not, a trouble will show ‘Extra Point on zone 1, Extra Point on Zone 2 etc.’

Compliance Verification Entry
SIA CP-01 Verification No

Panel Wide Parameters Phone and Phone Parameters Entry
Phone 1 D9D18882278702
Phone 1 Format Modem IIIa2
Phone 2 D9D18773799834
Phone 2 Format Modem IIIa2
Phone 3
Phone 3 Format Modem IIIa2
Phone 4
Phone 4 Format Modem IIIa2
Point/User Flag No
DTMF Dialing Yes
Phone Supervision Time 10
Alarm On Fail No
Buzz On Fail No
Two Phone Lines Yes
Expand Test Report Yes

Communicator Route Group 1 Route Group 2 Route Group 3 Route Group 4
Primary Path Device No Device No Device No Device No Device
Backup Path Device No Device No Device No Device No Device
RG Same Network Receiver Yes Yes Yes Yes

Network Address Route Group 1 Route Group 2 Route Group 3 Route Group 4
Port Number 7700 7700 7700 7700
Poll Rate (seconds) 0 0 0 0
ACK Wait Time 10 10 10 10
Retry Count 5 5 5 5
Enable Anti-Replay Yes Yes Yes Yes

SDI RPS / Enhanced Comm Entry
Enable Enhanced Communication? No
Answer RPS Over Network? Yes
RPS Address Verification No
RPS Network Address No
RPS Port Number 7750

Power Supervision Entry
AC Fail Time 01:00
Resend AC Fail No Report
AC Fail Display 60
AC Fail / Restoral Report Yes
AC Tag Along No
AC / Battery Buzz No
Battery Fail / Restoral Report Yes

Printer Parameters Printer Address #17 Printer Address #18 Printer Address #19
Area Assignment 1 1 1