Bosch Radionics 7412Gv4 Basics

Zones 8 on board, up to 67 off board/Expanded
Wireless Yes
Transformer 16.5 VAC
Battery 12 VDC 7/18AH Lead-Acid battery.
Downloadable Yes
Initiate For
Command + 4+ 3
Event Log Yes
Partitions 8
Panics Police – Command 9
Fire – Command 7 (These may be reversed)
Arm Away Command + 1 OR Code + ENT
Arm Stay Command + 3
Area Arm 1. Press ESC/MENU to enter Keypad Menu.
2. Press NEXT key until the MASTER ARM? function is displayed and press ENT.
3. “MASTER ARM ALL?” is displayed, Press NEXt and it will show “ARM AREA X?”
    (the X is the first area the code has access to)
4. Press NEXT until the area you want to arm is displayed and press ENt
5. the system may require your passcode enter it and press ENT
Away Instant Command + 1 + 1
Stay Instant Command + 2
Disarm If Enry Delay is active: Enter Code
If Entry Delay is not active: Code + ENT
Silence Trouble Command + 4 (This is only temporary, will start beeping again if trouble still exists)
Reset Sensors Command 4 + 7 (Trouble or Alarm will return if sensors is still troubled or Faulted)
Door Chime Command + 6
Note: The system does not chime when the Keypad is lit
Force Arm Command + 8 (This bypasses all interior zones and any open perimeter zones)
Bypass Command + 0 + Zone + ENT + EXIT
Unbypass Command + 0 + 0 + Zone + ENTER
Set Time/Date 1. Press Command + 4 + 5 and display will show “ENT TIME”
2. Enter the 4 digit time in 12 hour format and press ENT, display will show “AM?
3. If you want AM press ENT for PM press NEXT then ENT, Diplay shows “ENT DATE”
4. Enter Date and press ENT
Send Test Command + 4 + 1
Command + 5 + 0 + Partion + ENT
Event Log 1. 9 + 9 + ENT, Display shows “VIEW LOG?”
2. Press ENT and display shows “ENTER START DATE”
3. Press ENT to view the entire log from the newest event OR
    Enter Date you want to start view from and press ENT
4. Use NEXT and PREV to move about the log and ESC to exit.