ATT 8300 Trouble

Smoke Detector will beep every 14 seconds if battery is low
When replacing wireless batteries the siren may sound when sensor cover is removed
Smoke Detectors: Remove old batteries, hold Test on Smoke 30 seconds, insert new batteries
View Alarms
or Troubles
  1. Screen flashes “TROUBLE”, “ALARM” or “ALARM/TRBL”, press SELECT
  2. Screen shows “REVIEW/REMOVE”, REVIEW flashes, press SELECT
  3. Alarm or Trouble displays with “. . .” which should be flashing, press SELECT
  4. “REVIEW/REMOVE” appears, press NEXT until REMOVE flashes, press SELECT
  5. At “ENTER ACCESS CODE” enter User Code
  6. Current trouble should again show, press NEXT until “OK” flashes, press SELECT
  7. If all Troubles/Alarms removed press NEXT until >> flashes then SELECT to end
Note: Troubles can only be removed if the problem has been fixed
Trouble Display
  • AC Power AC Power has Failed
  • Battery Zone has Low Battery (9-Volt Alkaline)
  • Central Panel Low Battery Main Panel has Low Battery (12 Volt Gel Cell)
  • Fuse A Fuse in Panel has blown (send Service)
  • Invalid Date Occures if Date was entered incorrectly
  • Keypad Inactive Problem between Keypad and Main Panel
  • Phone Line Possible Dead phone lines
  • RF Fail A Wireless Sensor cannot communicate with Main Panel
  • Supv Fail Problem between Keypad and Main Panel
WARNING! Do NOT power this system down or it will lose programming!
Turn system off by Red switch on right side of circuit board in main panel
Test System (or if changing batteries)

  1. Press NEXT until “Security” flashes, press SELECT
  2. Enter 4-digit Master Code
  3. Press NEXT until “TEST” flashes, press SELECT
  4. Display will show “TEST MODE LIST SEND < >>” LIST should be flashing
  5. Press SELECT, display shows “NOTHING IN LIST”, open doors/windows
  6. After activating all zones last zone tested will show on display
  7. Press NEXT until “. . .” is flashing, press SELECT to view tested sensors
  8. Press NEXT until >> displays and press SELECT to exit