ATT 8300 Download

Important Notes

  • All information can be programmed on this panel via download
  • This panel picks up for download using ring count, and will always callback
  • This panel is almost impossible to trap, so be sure to follow the directions listed

  1. Open the software ATT8300 on your desktop
  2. Ensure you are using a 1200 or 2400 baud modem (SECURCOMM, Hayes Smartmodem)
  3. Get the tech/customer into programming, by pressing NEXT until SECURITY flashes, then press SELECT
  4. At “ENTER ACCESS CODE” press # followed by the 6 digit installer code (default = 999999)
  5. Display should show ENTER FUNCTION
  6. Enter 221, followed by SELECT. Enter 3, then press SELECT
  7. Press the DAY key
  8. Enter 219, followed by SELECT. Enter 18003586725, then press SELECT (If customer needs to dial 9 or similar to get an outside line on phone, enter the number prior to the DL number)
  9. Press the OFF key to exit programming
  10. On your ATT8300 software, highlight Remote and press enter
  11. Enter phone number of panel and press enter
  12. Let modem call panel until it picks up (Should pick up after 3 rings if steps were followed correctly) Panel will pick up and disconnect
  13. Watch callback phone, Ademco/DSC line for callback. When panel calls back, transfer to your modem
  14. Once panel is online, highlight and select READ to upload panel (Status will be shown in the lower left hand corner)
  15. Once uploaded, highlight and select EDIT to change programming information. Software follows the same as programming. (231 for Communications, 511 for Zone programming, etc)
  16. Once completed, press esc, then highlight and select PROGRAM to download information to panel
  17. Highlight and select QUIT to terminate connection