Panels Keypads
First Alert Ademco / Honeywell First Alert Ademco / Honeywell
FA100C 4110 FA200KP 4127/6127
FA110C 4110DL FA210KP 6128
FA120C 4110XM FA210RF 6128RF w/o relay
Readyguard Lynx FA215KP 6128
Readyguard-R Lynx-R FA245KP 6128RF
Readyguard-EN Lynx-EN FA250KP 6137
Readyguard-RI Lynx-I FA270KP (FA260KP) 6150
FA130CP Vista-10P FA270RF (FA260RF) 6150RF
FA130CPSIA Vista-10PSIA FA270VKP 6150V
FA142C Vista-10SE FA271KP 6151
FA145C —– FA310KP 4137AD
FA147C —– FA450KP 6138
FA148C Vista-15 FA500KP 5137
FA148CP Vista-15P FA510KP 5137AD
FA150C VIA-30 FA570KP (FA260RF) 6160
FA160C Vista-20 FA570VKP 6160V
FA162C Vista-20SE FA574KP 6164
FA168C Vista-20P FA570RF 6160RF
FA168CPS Vista-20P FA700KP 6270
FA168CPSSIA Vista-20SIA FA701CKP 6721C
FA200C 4120EC FA701CVKP 6271CV
FA500C 5130XM FA701VKP 6271V
FA1000C 4140XM FA800KP 8142
FA1200C 4140XMP FA800Kpi 8142i
FA1200CV 4140XMP (rev10) FA850KP 8132
FA1220C Vista-40 FA850KPIPK 8132i
FA1220C Vista-40
FA1220CV Vista-40
FA1300C 4140XMPT
FA1330C 4140XMPT2
FA1340C Vista-50/50P
FA1500C 5140XM
FA1660C Vista-128BP
FA1670C Vista-28FBP
FA1700C Vista-250FBP
FA2000C 5110XM
FA2100C 5120XM
FA1660CT Vista128-BPT
(Panels that aren’t highlighted have been discontinued.)