Apex Destiny 6100 Basics

Zones 6100 – 16 Hardwired, up to 80 total with wireless
4100 – 8 Hardwired, up to 40 total with wireless
Main Panel
AC Transformer
Motion Sensor
Smoke Detector
Remote Keypads
Remote Panics
12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell
16.5 Volts 40 Va
3-volt Lithium (Panasonic CR123A)
2 3-volt Lithium (Panasonic CR123A)
2 9-volt Alkaline
9 Volt Alkaline
3-volt Lithium (CR2430 Hearing Aid type)
3-volt Lithium (Panasonic CR123A)
Wireless Yes
Downloadable Yes – Via Compass
Panic Buttons
Fire Panic
From Telephone
9 + F1
0 5 times
Status Press STATUS, keypad will speak current status or open zones
Arm Away Press A or User Code + A (Keypad says “Armed to Away”)
Arm Stay Press H or User Code + H (Keypad says “Armed to Home”)
Force Arming (with zone open) Press A (Keypad says “Force Armed to Home”)
Instant Arm Press H twice within 10 seconds (Keypad says “Armed to Night”)
Disarm 4-digit code (Keypad will say “Control is Disarmed”)
Reset Alarm 4-digit code
Bypass 1. Enter 4-digit code
2. Press 9 (Keypad will say “BYPASS MODE, Enter Zone #)
3. Enter Zone (01 to 80) (keypad will say current bypass state of zone)
4. Press A to enable bypass
5. Press H to end
(Clear all bypasses enter 00 while in BYPASS mode
Speak Time 4-digit code + 1
Change Time Press 2 & 8 keys at same time, enter 4 digit time + 1 for AM or 2 for PM
Door Chime Press MONITOR once for Tone, again for talking chime, again to turn off
F1 Key Turns Home Automation devices (such as lights) On or Off
1. Press F1, system will speak devices to activate (“1 for Bedroom Lights” etc)
2. Press number of device (for example 01) then A to turn On, H to turn Off
3. Press F1 again to exit
F2 key May be programmed to speak Time and Date
Reset Smoke 4-digit code + 6 (Keypad will say “Smoke Power”)
Phone Test 4-digit code + 0
Light Control (If available) Press 8888 or F1/F2
Door Chime Enter 4-digit code + 2
Display Adjust Press 4 and 7 to raise or lower keypad lights
Remote Access All below can be done from phone, the * key is A, # key is H
At Home 1. Pick up phone and enter Local Phone Access Code
(different from User Code, customer should know this code)
2. Telephone will now act like keypad and use same commands
3. To finish either hang up phone or do nothing for 15 seconds
While Away 1. Call home # and let ring for a programmed time (programmed by installer)
2. When system picks up enter disarm code within 5 seconds
3. Telephone will now act like keypad and use same commands
4. To finish either hang up phone or do nothing for 15 seconds
2-Way Access (By Customer)
1. Access system with above steps
2. Press 9999 to activate “Listen Mode”
3. Press # to talk, * to listen
4. To end either hang up phone or press 0