Alarmlock Eagle 8000DL Codes

User Codes must be changed using Master Program Code, (default is 123456)
If this is not known customer cannot change codes, User Codes can be 1 to 4 digits long
Master Code There is none, all User Codes work the same
Hostage Code 2 digit Code (usually 99) + User Code

Add Code 1. Press 8 for 3 seconds (Keypad beeps)
2. Enter Master Program Code (Keypad beeps and flashes)
3. Press [B] + Code to change (1 to 5)
4. Enter New Code (up to 4 digits, cannot have 0 in it)
5. Press [B] twice to exit (Keypad stops beeping and flashing)
Delete Code 1. Press 8 for 3 seconds until keypad beeps
2. Enter Master Program Code, keypad will beep and flash
3. Press [B] then user to delete (2 to 5)
4. Press [B] twice to exit