Alarmlock Eagle 8000DL Basics

Zones 6 Hardwired
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
AC Transformer 16 volts screwed into outlet in the house
Wireless No
Downloadable Yes but difficult
Panic Buttons * and # = Police Panic only
Arm/Disarm 4-digit code (MUST have READY light)
Zone Status Press 3 for 3 seconds, open zone will be displayed
Flashing P Customer tried arming with zone open, disarm with code and try again
Bypass [B] + zone (1 to 6)
Reset Hold 9 for 3 seconds
Door Chimes Hold 5 for 3 seconds
Instant Doors Hold 4 for 3 seconds before or after arming system
Phone Test Hold 6 for 3 seconds