Ademco Vista XT Basics

Zones 9 Hardwired
Wireless No
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
Downloadable Yes
Panic Buttons
Police Panic
Fire Panic
Medical Panic
– * and #
– 1 and *
– 3 and #
Status Press * if keypad shows NOT READY to view open zones
Arm Away 4-digit code + 2 key (AWAY)
Arm Stay 4-digit code + 3 (STAY) to arm everything but motions
Quick-Arm (If Enabled) Press # + 2 for AWAY, # + 3 for STAY
Instant Arm 4-digit code + 7 (INSTANT), this also bypasses motions
Max Arming 4-digit code + 4 (MAX), arms everything including motions instant
Disarm 4-digit code + 1 (OFF)
Silence Alarm 4-digit code + 1 (OFF) twice to turn off siren and reset display
Bypass 4-digit code + 6 (BYPASS) + zone (01, 02 03 etc)
(keypad will beep and BYPASS will display + zone bypassed)
Alarm Memory There is no alarm memory
Reset Smoke 4-digit code + 1 (OFF) twice to turn off siren and reset smoke
(If this does NOT reset set for service, smoke is bad)
Door Chimes 4-digit code + 9 (CHIME)
Keypad Help Hold down any function key (AWAY, STAY etc) Alpha keypad will display help
Test Sensors 4-Digit Code + 5 (TEST)
Keypad will beep every 3 minutes
Open sensors and keypad will sound
End test with 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF) key
(Wireless motions require no movement for 4 minutes prior to testing)
Setting Clock 1. Enter 4-digit code + #63
(Keypad shows current Clock settings, with ? showing current mode)
2. 6 changes from DAY/HOUR/MINUTE/MONTH/DATE/YEAR, 4 moves backwards
3. Press 3 or 1 to scroll value up and down
4. Press 8 to exit and save changes or * key to exit without saving
View Zones Press * or 0 for 3 seconds, Descriptions will scroll, press OFF to exit
(This works only on 5137 Alpha Keypads)