bF Long Range Radio trouble
BAT Panel Battery low
BAT 01-40 Zone Low Battery (4 zones showing at once likely wireless keyfob)
BAT 00 Low Remote Keypad battery
CHECK 01-40 Zone is not communicating with panel, may be bad
CHECK 9 Wireless Receiver or Module failure (check sections 22, 24, 25, 28, 29)
CHECK 70 Supervised Bell Circuit trouble (Make sure *91 is 0 to prevent this)
CHECK 87 4285 Voice Module Trouble
CHECK 97 Short in Polling Loop
CHECK 88 Wireless Zones not communicating with 2nd Receiver
CHECK 89 2nd Receiver Failure
CHECK 90 Wireless Zones not communicating with 1st Receiver
CHECK 91 1st Receiver Failure
CHECK 94 Phone Line Trouble
OC Open Circuit, bad keypad wire
FC Fail to Communicate
CC Panel is being downloaded by Tech Support
D1 or
System is in wait mode, if remains system has internal problem or is disabled
CA Alarm was canceled, this is not a trouble
EA Exit Alarm, this is not a trouble, customer armed system left and didn’t close door before delay expired
E4 or E8 More zones were programmed than wireless receiver is capable of using
NO AC AC Power Failure
One Beep
every 40 Sec
System is in Test Mode (Press Code + 1 to exit Test Mode)
Remove old batteries, hold test button 30 seconds, add new batteries