Ademco Lynx Touch Basics

Zones 64 total zones including 1 hardwired
Battery Rechargeable nickel-metal
hydride battery pack rated at 7.2Vdc.
AC Transformer 110VAC
to 9VDC, 2.7A output
Wireless 5800 series,5816 and 5817 transmitters
all use 3V Lithium
Downloadable Yes, VIA Phone, GSM or I.P.
Panic Buttons Hold Panic key down for four seconds

Door Chimes Press (Settings) then (Chime)
Status Press * if keypad shows NOT READY to view open zones
Arm AWAY Press(AWAY ICON) + Master Code
Arm STAY Press(STAY ICON) + Master Code
Instant Arm Press tab under (Arm Away ICON) to select Delay or Instant then (Away or Stay ICON) + Master code
Quick-Arm (If Enabled) Press Arm Away/Stay ICON then select (Quick Arm)
Disarm Press (Disarm ICON) + Master Code
Bypass Main user screen Press (Back tab) then (Zones) select zone then (Bypass) + Master code
(Back Arrow) then arm system
Date Select (Tools ICON) + Master Code select (Date/Time) and Press SAVE
Time Select (Tools ICON) + Master Code select (Date/Time)
Press Down arrow key then (Clear button) enter new time (Save)
Test Sensors Select (Tools) + Master Code + (Test) + (Walk Test)

Dialer Test Select (Tools) + Master Code + (Test) + (Dialer Test)

Reboot System Select (Tools) + Master Code + (Test) + (Reboot)

Clean Press (settings) + (Clean) this allows 15 secs for cleaning touch screen

Reset Smoke 4-digit code + 1 (OFF) twice to turn off siren and reset smoke
(If this does NOT reset smoke detector set for service, smoke is bad)
Volume level Press (Settings) then select desired level + (Save)
Brightness Press (Settings) then select desired level + (Save)
Contrast Press (Settings) then select desired level + (Save)
Voice Toggle Press (Settings) then select (Voice) + (Save)
Ringer Press (Settings) then select (Ringer) + (Save)